How An SEO Specialist Day Looks Like

It seems that the SEO specialist is stuck in a million tasks that should be achieved at the end of every single day. As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist or (SEO), I’ll identify strategies, techniques, tests, analyses, and changes in a website. So it is optimized for search engines, and the website subsequently ranks higher in the search results on major search engines such as Google and Bing. 

Savvy businesses know they need someone on staff who knows more than the basics if they want to win on the search results page, and so they seek out an SEO specialist to make that happen. As a result, the demand for SEO experts is strong.

Therefore, Shpabeek offers you many e-marketing and search engine optimization services in particular, by specialists with extensive experience.

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Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to move your career to the next level, for more excitement or higher pay, or both, think about an SEO specialist career path.

Since very few people understand what SEOs really do. That’s why I come to explain to you my job responsibilities. This could vary based on whether the job is for a digital marketing agency, in the digital marketing department of a company, or for a client as a freelance. But in this article, I will talk about the basic tasks for all. 

  • What are the Tasks that an SEO Specialist Tackles in a Day.
  • Where Do SEO Specialists Come From.

  • What are the tasks that an SEO Specialist Tackles in a Day

  • Keyword Research

Searching for the right keywords for a specific topic is the first step for most of SEOs. I will do keyword research to determine popularity, competitiveness, and relevance, so you can create the best possible list of keywords to focus on. 

  • Optimization

Optimizing website pages is an essential part of SEO journey. This includes both on-page optimization, to ensure you’re serving up quality content, good metadata, a clean HTML structure, internal links, and pages that load quickly. It will also involve testing different elements to determine how to improve your conversion rates on any given webpage.  

  • Link Building

Google is constantly making changes to the algorithms that determine how websites work. So, it looks at the content and what others “say” about your website. In other words, when other websites link to yours, that means they are confident in your content. Then Google will start to rank the website.

Therefore, a part of my role as an SEO specialist will be looking for opportunities to get other websites to legitimately link to mine. 

  • URL Building

Imagine you’ve just started a promotion campaign for an organization or client. Now you feel worried that the Ads may not work at the end of the day? 

So, you should use the Google URL Builder to put the situation under control. This free tool can track the campaign and Reports, on a daily basis. Besides, we need to know the traffic came from which source. For example, someone might click on a link in a newsletter or in a tweet. They might get to your website from a Facebook post or from an ad. So that you can determine whether your campaigns are effective or otherwise. 

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  • Analytics 

One of my duties is to check analytics regularly for the website I worked on. In order to collect data about the website, see how landing pages and keywords are performing. As well as to see where traffic is coming from. 

  • Mobile Optimization

As we now in 2022, mobile devices are considered important for everyone. Since people strat using them to access websites, you know it can be frustrating. Tiny buttons and links, endless scrolling, and unclear form fields create hassles that often result in abandonment.

So, you’ll need to make sure all web content is optimized for mobile devices. 

  • Keep Up Learning

When we mentioned Google making changes, part of my job as an SEO specialist will involve reading articles, blogs and forums so I can keep up with changes and developments in SEO field. Google is constantly tweaking, and SEOs need to know what it’s up to. So we’re not caught off guard.


  • Where Do SEO Specialists Come From

Most SEO Specialists and other search engine optimization professionals begin their career in another field before working on their technical skills and leveraging their transferable skills and educational backgrounds to make a move into a job in SEO.

Most SEO experts working in the field pursue some kind of additional certification to show employers they have the specific skills needed to execute their digital marketing strategy, boost their search engine traffic and make sure their website is near the top in search engine results pages. 

Regardless of whether you’re doing SEO in-house or for an agency or clients, however, your path to becoming an SEO specialist has to start with mastering the skills with help of an SEO training course, for example. Where Shpabeek team includes a variety of experiences of designers, programmers, content writers and SEO specialists, to form an integrated team capable of accomplishing all the marketing tasks you need for your website.

In short, in the age of technology, SEO is too important to be learned and it is an enjoyable job. All you need to do is decide to become an SEO specialist, get trained, and get hired.  


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